Rock of Flintshire

The name PEERS is from the personal name “Peter”, derived from the Greek “Petros”, meaning “rock”. It was the name given by Jesus to one of his apostles, to be symbolic of steadfastness in faith. St. Peter was the favourite saint of the medieval church, and his name popular throughout Christendom during the Middle Ages. The version “Piers” was brought from France to England by the Normans at the time of the Conquest in 1066. There are several variants of the name Peers including: Pierce, Pearce, Piers, Pears, Peres and Perse.

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I have traced my Peers family to the late 1700s in Hawarden, Flinthsire in northeast Wales. Other amateur genealogists have traced the family back even further to the early 1600s and still in the area around Hawarden. Although I am unable to verify their research I have nonetheless incorporated these family trees into the Peers Family Tree.
Ewloe Castle

Ewloe Castle, Flintshire, Wales

Our Peers Ancestors lived for many generations within the shadow of the ruins of Ewloe Castle, located in the Welsh-English borderlands; fought over since the Norman invasion of England after 1066. The castle, built by the Welsh Prince Llywelyn the Last, around 1257, was a last-ditch effort to reassert Welsh control over the strategic road to Chester, a Norman stronghold. By 1283 the Castle was in ruins and the invading Normans had defeated the rebellious Welsh. The Peers name was no doubt derived from French but whether our ancestors were predominantly native Welsh or conquering Norman only DNA testing will reveal. Perhaps that will be the next chapter in this story.

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